The Lachi Beri Sahib: A Hidden Gem Within the Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is a very important place for Sikhs and has been targeted in history with the intent to harm the Sikh community or destroy the place. Today, we’ll explore the historical Gurudwara Lachi Beri Sahib. 

golden temple complex
Golden templ complex

From among the four trees of the outer parikrama of the Golden Temple, this particular tree is located to the right of the Darshani Deori of Sri Harmandir Sahib and opposite the Akal Takhat Sahib.

lachi beri sahib right beside darshani deori
lachi beri sahib right beside darshani deori

This Gurudwara is historically significant, commemorating events related to Guru Arjan Dev Ji and the courageous warriors Bhai Sukha Singh and Bhai Mehtab Singh.

What is the History of Gurudwara Lachi Beri Sahib?

There are Two distinct stories that are linked to this sacred place, one involving Guru Arjan Dev Ji and the other featuring Baba Sukha Singh and Baba Mehtab Singh.

Gurudwara Sri Lachi Ber Sahib, part of the main Gurdwara Sri Harmandir Sahib complex, is specifically named after the Lachi Ber tree located at the entrance, known as the Darshan Deori. This tree bears small cardamom berries. In 157 (samant 1654), Sri Guru Arjan Sahib Ji utilized this site to supervise the excavation of the sarovar and the construction of Sri Harmandir Sahib. Bhai Shalo Ji, a devoted Sikh, actively participated in the voluntary excavation work. 

excavation of holy tank
excavation of holy tank

Second story is related to Massa Ranghar. In the year 1740 (samant 1797), Massa Ranghar was appointed to the Darbar Sahib by the Lahore Government after Occupying Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar on Zakaria Khan’s authority. He’s appointed here for the prosecution of the sikhs. But He indulged in disrespectful activities and turned this holy palace into a dancing hall for Massa Ranghar entertainment. He tied the horses in Parikrama and Where Maharaj Guru Granth Sahib ji sat, he used that place to sit on the couch, consuming tobacco and drinking alcohol. 

On the other hand, recognizing the pulse of the times due to the strictness of the government, most of the Singhs went to the forests, deserts or Bikaner. The Chaudharys sent the happy news to the province of Lahore that every trace of the Sikhs had been wiped out in the Punjab. Bulaka Singh, a Sikh resident of village Kang, who did not tolerate the desecration of Sri Harimandar Sahib, reached Bikaner to convey this news to the Singhs. He got emotional and with tears in his eyes told the situation in Punjab that Massa Ranghar is disrespecting Sri Harmandir Sahib and you have come too far. If we leave our holy places to others, then who will protect them? He cried while narrating the story.

After listening to the whole conversation, Baba Budha Singh ji (the Jathedar of the misls) took out the Nishan Sahib from the sheath and addressed all the Singhs and started saying, 

“Khalsa Ji! Today, Massa Ranghar has committed an unseen act against the Panth. Is there any Sikh who, under the guidance of the Akal Purakh, walks on the righteous path, or who can destroy that sinner, or even sacrifice himself for the sanctity of the court of the True Gurus?”

Upon hearing the Jathedar’s voice, First of all Bhai Mehtab Singh Bhangu Mirankotia and Bhai Sukha Singh Badi Kamboki took on the mission. After praying, the courageous warriors mounted their horses and set out for Amritsar. In Punjab, they changed their appearance. When they neared Amritsar, they filled sacks with sackcloth and placed them on their saddles. Entering the vicinity of Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji, they tied their horses outside Darshani Deori with the Lachi Baeri and went inside carrying sacks filled with sackcloth.

The guards let them pass, assuming it was a routine visit for tax payment and nothing out of the ordinary. Inside, Massa Ranghar was intoxicated and smoking hookah, while a dancer performed on the side. Seeing this disrespect, the Singhs were angered and placed the sacks in front of the massa ranghar. When Massa Ranghar, who was sitting on the bed, leaned towards the sack to check, Bhai Mehtab Singh struck the sword in such a way that with one stroke.

His companions panicked and ran here and there. Seizing Massa Ranghar’s head, the Singhs mounted their horses before the guards could react. After a long journey, they reached Bikaner and presented the massa ranghar’s head to the Jathedar. The victory cries resonated, proving that uncivilized nations could not tolerate the desecration of their sacred places.

presented the massa ranghar’s head to the Jathedar
presented the massa ranghar’s head to the Jathedar

How to visit

the lachi beri sahib right beside darshansi deori

The Gurudwara is easily accessible within the Golden Temple complex, opposite Sri Akal Takhat Sahib. Look for a room on the right side of the Darshani Deori and the distinctive tree outside the Gurudwara.

What to see

the lachi beri sahib

The Gurudwara is Managed by the SGPC, the Gurudwara features the Elaichi Baer tree and a room where visitors can engage in meditation, listen to Gurbani, or do seva. The renovated room provides a serene space for reflection and spiritual activities.

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