A Complete Tour Guide of 

Golden Temple

Imagine a place where a temple is covered in real gold! That's the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. It sparkles and shines, making it a must-see for anyone visiting.

Right next to the temple is a big pool called Amrit Sarovar. People believe the water has special powers, and you can bathe and drink using clean hands or take a quiet stroll around it.

The temple has something amazing – a kitchen that never stops! It's called Guru Ka Langar, where they serve yummy vegetarian food to everyone, and it's all free. No kidding!

The imposing Akal Takht, within the temple complex, stands as a symbol of spiritual and temporal authority, emphasizing the Sikh commitment to justice and righteousness.

When the sun sets, the Golden Temple becomes a magical golden wonderland. Lights turn on, and it's like a dream. A great time to feel the peaceful vibes.

Step inside the main prayer hall, and you'll feel a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Listen Kirtan or can do meditation silently!

Before going in, you need to cover your head as a sign of respect. Don't worry if you forget; they provide free head covering for everyone.

Near the entrance, there's a spot to wash your feet. It might sound strange, but it's a cool tradition to keep things clean and respectful.

Guess what? The Golden Temple is open all day and night! You can visit whenever you want, making it super convenient for visitors.

The Golden Temple is like a magnet for people from all over the world. You'll meet travelers, locals, and everyone in between. It's like a global family gathering!


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